Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Everybody hates their victim

Everybody hates their victim.  Hates feeling weak, helpless, needy.  Hates that dark depression robbing them of life.

Everybody hates their soul.

Ponder that the next time you feel bitter at the joylessness of your life.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One can believe it's all One

One can believe it's all One, but one cannot see, cannot know, it is all One through a fragmented consciousness.

The whole can see the parts, but the parts can never see the whole.

If God seeks, God finds. God.

A series of rather uncomfortable sensations stand between you and your realization, your awakening, your enlightenment.  Your return to light from the shadow-world of ego darkness.  Enlighten.  Take it literally.  You are restored to light, to your true nature.

The irony is; you cannot fail.  If enough of that God consciousness within you decides it's had enough of life as it is, has been, and is sure to continue to be, then the only thing standing in his way is sufficient desire, ambition, courage and determination.  He cannot fail.  He is, after all, God.  What He seeks is the highest, most coveted, most unobtainable goal of all: Himself. 

It it true what they say: the seeker is the sought.  If God seeks, God finds, God.

Enlightenment is like any other goal

Enlightenment is like any other goal in life: you have to want it to get it.  It requires no sacrifice, no denial, no change to your life as a prerequisite.  You continue living life as it is with only one change:  a simple watching meditation.  Do that and everything starts changing on it's own.

Enter the gate.  Begin to move inward.  It'll be scary; you're moving into the unknown, and yet everything you see, everything you feel, everything you experience, you have experienced before.  And survived.

As the ego was growing, you experienced all the levels of pain as they appeared.  So too, with the fear and the anger.  The journey home is a journey back in time.  As Jesus said: the alpha is the omega.  You start in omega and move back to alpha.  But to get back to the beginning, you have to move through and dissolve the accumulated ego crap of a lifetime.  It can be unpleasant, but it would be unpleasant whether you were waking up or not.  The only difference is a growing awareness, a growing clarity, as the ego darkness is dispelled.

All of this is accomplished not by analysis, not by seeking the cause of all your suffering, but by simply watching a series of uncomfortable sensations in the body.  Learn to do that, and you will have the master key that will open all doors you encounter.  Dissolve the sensation, and all the ego madness growing out of it dissolves with it.

Don't try to make sense of the madness.....dissolve it!

Relax into your nature

While waking up, you will be challenged again and again to relax into your nature.  To accept who you are in all your quirkiness.  You may want to look, or be like the Buddha, but existence is not a factory.  In every one of you existence has fashioned something unique, and the more you relax into it, the closer to home you will feel.

There's a logic to it:  your consciousness has always been bound by identities; who you're supposed to be.  As the ego dissolves, so do the identities the ego has created.  Identities are familiar, we cling to them, unboundedness is unfamiliar.  The key is to relax into it.  Once you become familiar with the feeling of unboundedness, it becomes the new norm.

Relax into the is-ness of the moment.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Consciousness is layered

Consciousness is layered: The outer, more superficial layer is the individual layer.  This layer contains the "individual" identity, which is constantly changing according to the beliefs and requirements of the time.  This is the layer that the ego therapists work.

In the individual layer I may not be a racist, but if you go deeper, into the collective, or archetypal layer, there you will find the prejudices of your race your family, your religion.  They beliefs held collectively by your "tribe".  This is the layer where the Jungians and the hypnotherapists work.

The deepest layer, the cosmic layer, is where I work, where I am directing your attention. For the work in any one layer effects the layers above, but not below.  To work in the deepest, the cosmic layer, you can bypass the tedious work getting through the previous layers, and start to work on the very heart of the matter.  You clear the cosmic layer, and the dysfunction of the other layers dissolves as well.

Each layer contains a part of your "narrative", your ego story, your ego drama.  To focus on the roots of the whole problem, to dissolve the source of the madness, all the madness on all the layers dissolves.

Learn to watch the sensations and be free.

You are supposed to feel gratitude

You are "supposed" to feel grateful for this life.  You are made to feel guilty if you are not.  As though gratitude for a life that sucks is some immutable spiritual rule.  Carved in stone, no doubt.  Let me assure you, a living God of light will never, I repeat, never "feel" grateful for this ego experience.  Nor should he.  It is a false experience, a dark experience, a sub-human experience.  An experience he can bring to an end with a simple meditation.  Or not, as it suits Him.  He is, after all, God.  Nobody tells God what to do.

When they called it a "fall" they weren't just whistling dixie.

You are all Gods

You are all Gods.  You can be nothing other than God, because it is all one God.
Asleep you are God unrealized.
Awake you are God realized.
That is why awakened ones are referred to as realized.  The have realized their true self.  They are self-realized. 

God is as common as a grain of sand

God: as common as a grain of sand.  Set aside your charges, your beliefs or disbeliefs, set it all aside and take a fresh look at God.

It's true what they say; things have gotten so bad only God can save us now.  That would be you.  Each one of you is the savior of the world.  Simply by awakening from the illusionary world of good and evil you help to save the world.

God return to your creation.  Return home and find peace, at long last.

Protecting the darkness

Next time you feel defensive, be alert!  Ask yourself what you are defending.  Am I defending the pain?  The fear?, The anger?  Am I protecting the very darkness that makes my life a living hell?

When you begin to actually look at what you are doing, seeing how the ego tricks you, well, hopefully your God has enough pride left to do something about it. 

The ego makes us subhuman

Conventional "wisdom" suggests that the ego veils of darkness are a part of being "human".  One has to accept the isolation of the pain, the crippling of the fear, and the madness of the anger.  One has to cope, to learn to control these emotions, to channel them "appropriately".

The veils of darkness are not part of being human, to be human is to be God, to be divine, and I challenge anyone to suggest that there is anything divine about these veils which are destroying the world.  The ego makes us sub-human.

We are not spiritual beings having a human experience.  We are living Gods having an ego experience, and it ain't pretty.