Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Everybody hates their victim

Everybody hates their victim.  Hates feeling weak, helpless, needy.  Hates that dark depression robbing them of life.

Everybody hates their soul.

Ponder that the next time you feel bitter at the joylessness of your life.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One can believe it's all One

One can believe it's all One, but one cannot see, cannot know, it is all One through a fragmented consciousness.

The whole can see the parts, but the parts can never see the whole.

If God seeks, God finds. God.

A series of rather uncomfortable sensations stand between you and your realization, your awakening, your enlightenment.  Your return to light from the shadow-world of ego darkness.  Enlighten.  Take it literally.  You are restored to light, to your true nature.

The irony is; you cannot fail.  If enough of that God consciousness within you decides it's had enough of life as it is, has been, and is sure to continue to be, then the only thing standing in his way is sufficient desire, ambition, courage and determination.  He cannot fail.  He is, after all, God.  What He seeks is the highest, most coveted, most unobtainable goal of all: Himself. 

It it true what they say: the seeker is the sought.  If God seeks, God finds, God.

Enlightenment is like any other goal

Enlightenment is like any other goal in life: you have to want it to get it.  It requires no sacrifice, no denial, no change to your life as a prerequisite.  You continue living life as it is with only one change:  a simple watching meditation.  Do that and everything starts changing on it's own.

Enter the gate.  Begin to move inward.  It'll be scary; you're moving into the unknown, and yet everything you see, everything you feel, everything you experience, you have experienced before.  And survived.

As the ego was growing, you experienced all the levels of pain as they appeared.  So too, with the fear and the anger.  The journey home is a journey back in time.  As Jesus said: the alpha is the omega.  You start in omega and move back to alpha.  But to get back to the beginning, you have to move through and dissolve the accumulated ego crap of a lifetime.  It can be unpleasant, but it would be unpleasant whether you were waking up or not.  The only difference is a growing awareness, a growing clarity, as the ego darkness is dispelled.

All of this is accomplished not by analysis, not by seeking the cause of all your suffering, but by simply watching a series of uncomfortable sensations in the body.  Learn to do that, and you will have the master key that will open all doors you encounter.  Dissolve the sensation, and all the ego madness growing out of it dissolves with it.

Don't try to make sense of the madness.....dissolve it!

Relax into your nature

While waking up, you will be challenged again and again to relax into your nature.  To accept who you are in all your quirkiness.  You may want to look, or be like the Buddha, but existence is not a factory.  In every one of you existence has fashioned something unique, and the more you relax into it, the closer to home you will feel.

There's a logic to it:  your consciousness has always been bound by identities; who you're supposed to be.  As the ego dissolves, so do the identities the ego has created.  Identities are familiar, we cling to them, unboundedness is unfamiliar.  The key is to relax into it.  Once you become familiar with the feeling of unboundedness, it becomes the new norm.

Relax into the is-ness of the moment.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Consciousness is layered

Consciousness is layered: The outer, more superficial layer is the individual layer.  This layer contains the "individual" identity, which is constantly changing according to the beliefs and requirements of the time.  This is the layer that the ego therapists work.

In the individual layer I may not be a racist, but if you go deeper, into the collective, or archetypal layer, there you will find the prejudices of your race your family, your religion.  They beliefs held collectively by your "tribe".  This is the layer where the Jungians and the hypnotherapists work.

The deepest layer, the cosmic layer, is where I work, where I am directing your attention. For the work in any one layer effects the layers above, but not below.  To work in the deepest, the cosmic layer, you can bypass the tedious work getting through the previous layers, and start to work on the very heart of the matter.  You clear the cosmic layer, and the dysfunction of the other layers dissolves as well.

Each layer contains a part of your "narrative", your ego story, your ego drama.  To focus on the roots of the whole problem, to dissolve the source of the madness, all the madness on all the layers dissolves.

Learn to watch the sensations and be free.

You are supposed to feel gratitude

You are "supposed" to feel grateful for this life.  You are made to feel guilty if you are not.  As though gratitude for a life that sucks is some immutable spiritual rule.  Carved in stone, no doubt.  Let me assure you, a living God of light will never, I repeat, never "feel" grateful for this ego experience.  Nor should he.  It is a false experience, a dark experience, a sub-human experience.  An experience he can bring to an end with a simple meditation.  Or not, as it suits Him.  He is, after all, God.  Nobody tells God what to do.

When they called it a "fall" they weren't just whistling dixie.

You are all Gods

You are all Gods.  You can be nothing other than God, because it is all one God.
Asleep you are God unrealized.
Awake you are God realized.
That is why awakened ones are referred to as realized.  The have realized their true self.  They are self-realized. 

God is as common as a grain of sand

God: as common as a grain of sand.  Set aside your charges, your beliefs or disbeliefs, set it all aside and take a fresh look at God.

It's true what they say; things have gotten so bad only God can save us now.  That would be you.  Each one of you is the savior of the world.  Simply by awakening from the illusionary world of good and evil you help to save the world.

God return to your creation.  Return home and find peace, at long last.

Protecting the darkness

Next time you feel defensive, be alert!  Ask yourself what you are defending.  Am I defending the pain?  The fear?, The anger?  Am I protecting the very darkness that makes my life a living hell?

When you begin to actually look at what you are doing, seeing how the ego tricks you, well, hopefully your God has enough pride left to do something about it. 

The ego makes us subhuman

Conventional "wisdom" suggests that the ego veils of darkness are a part of being "human".  One has to accept the isolation of the pain, the crippling of the fear, and the madness of the anger.  One has to cope, to learn to control these emotions, to channel them "appropriately".

The veils of darkness are not part of being human, to be human is to be God, to be divine, and I challenge anyone to suggest that there is anything divine about these veils which are destroying the world.  The ego makes us sub-human.

We are not spiritual beings having a human experience.  We are living Gods having an ego experience, and it ain't pretty.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The father God

There is a father God inside of each woman, just as in men.  The essence is the same, just more soul for the woman, more spirit for the man.  But inside, both are identical in makeup.

To see the father God in the woman, simply wait until she's angry and then ask yourself:  is this a masculine energy I'm seeing, feeling, or feminine.  Is it hard or soft?  Authoritarian or yielding?  Ruthless or compassionate?  Does it want to engage in holy war, or compromise?

Does it want to smite it's enemies?

Pain, fear, anger

Pain, fear, anger.  That is what bedevils you.  That is the problem.  If you want to feel some genuine movement on your spiritual journey, or you're sick of suffering, or simply have a spirit whose idealism hasn't been totally crushed, perhaps, just perhaps it might be time to focus on the problem instead of the endless ego distractions about "why" you feel the way you do.

Feelings are the facts of the inner world

Facts, the foundation of science, are for exploring the outer world.  Feelings are for the exploration of the inner world.  You cannot travel inwards, you cannot spiral towards the center, you cannot defeat Satan if you cannot feel.

Hence the importance of the soul, for feeling is her very means of perception.  Without her you cannot navigate the ego labyrinth and find your way home.  Stop protecting and caring for the hurt, the sorrow, but rather focus your attention on the one feeling the pain: your very own soul.

Remember: if you don't take care of your soul nobody else will, nobody else can.  If you don't take care of your soul you will never feel taken care of.  If you don't take care of your soul you will never know love.

Feelings are the facts of the inner world.  Facts are of the objective reality, feelings are of the subjective reality.  In objective reality feelings are discounted, it is the facts that matter.  In subjective reality the opposite is the case.  Feelings are what define reality, not facts.

For instance, the Garden of Eden exists in the subjective reality, and can be known by anyone interested in finding it.  However, it does not exist in objective reality, nor did it ever.  It is not an objective, but a subjective "fact".

Science should butt out of religion.  It simply adds to the confusion.  Religion, likewise, should attend to God and the inner world.  Their meddling in the affairs of mammon has caused great harm to America and the children of God.  But hell, who has time for the kids when there's a holy war raging.  Again.

The blame game of God

The father God I speak of is the part of you who has difficulty accepting responsibility for his anger.  Rather he finds himself blaming others for "making" him angry.  It's always somebody else's fault.  As long as he points the finger of blame at others he'll never be free of the anger.  In order to clear it he first has to own it.

There are actually two Gods on the journey.  For the father God the passage through the veil is difficult, time consuming.  For the other the passage is smooth and natural.

In a sense, you gather the ingredients of God on the journey.  The one God, or as they say in secular parlance; unity consciousness.  To have unity one must first have something to unify.  That is the journey: to reclaim your soul from the pain; to liberate your spirit from the fear, and to remove the blinding veil of anger to reveal the father God.  Awakened, the three parts of God that you are begin to merge smoothly and naturally back into the One True God.

Beyond that there is nothing.

But a mystery.

See the obvious


Must keep hammering away until you see the obvious.  It's all one, all one God.  Look in the mirror and connect the dots.

That is your true center, your true identity.  But you must go inside, do the work.

Beyond God there is nothing.

But a mystery.

Soul light to darkness

Every moment you are in sadness, pain, your soul light, your love, is being transformed into something dark, heavy, and projected into the environment.  You are polluting the ether, adding to the accumulation of darkness enveloping the planet.

The pain, and it's creation, the victim, have assumed a kind of sacredness.  Sensitive people seem to instinctively want to protect the victim.  The reason is simple; the pain is a veil surrounding the most delicate, sensitive, holy part of who you are: your soul.  It is not the victim who is sacred, but rather the one forced to wear the mask: the human soul.

When awake she pours love/light into the planet that nourishes everything it touches.  And she hurts no more.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

You are responsible

You, along with every other sleeping God on the planet, are responsible for this mess.  Distracted by the ego blame game, the obvious eludes you:  only you can fix it.


Simply by waking up.  Then, at least you are no longer a part of the problem.  And who knows?  Perhaps that God inside of you has some special talent, some gift, some wisdom desperately needed.  You will never know as long as He continues his fitful slumber.

Snap out of it!

Snap out of it!

You have been roaming in the illusion for far too long!  Time to return to Eden, for in your absence it has been trashed.

Wake up!

It is time for you to return to your creation, for things have gotten so bad only God can save us now.

You are God.

Snap out of it! 
says the Zen master as he whacks you with his stick.

The blind right wing

The reason the right wing is blind to reality:

They're angry.

If the God "out there" has failed you

If the God "out there" has failed you......

Before you join the tea party and hysterically blame everyone not like you.
Destroying everything.  Creating nothing.

Before you join the jihadists, succumbing to a total ego possession, becoming a minion of Satan, destroying everything in blind hatred, including yourself.

Before you check out in despair to the world of drink, drugs and other numerous addictions to dull the brutality of life.

Before you give in and sell your soul to the man, slipping into a numbing corporate coma.

Perhaps you should consider giving the God inside a crack at the job of pulling your life together.  So it has significance, if not meaning.   But He sleeps, lost in fitful apocalyptic dreamsSnap out of it old man!  While you've been absent, drifting in the nightmare, you fail to notice the obvious:  your creation is going down the toilet.


Ego is the fallen state of God

The ego is the fallen state of God.

The ego transforms the perfect love of the human soul into pain and darkness, creating the victim.  So, instead of living with a soul, and her love, you live in a victim and her dark depressions.  Remove the pain and your soul is revealed, perfect as the moment she was created.  Restored to her throne.

The ego transforms the perfect trust of your spirit into fear, creating a coward.  So instead of enjoying the lightness and spontaneity of your spirit, you have a coward, crippled and trembling in panic attacks.  Remove the fear, the coward dissolves, and your perfect spirit is revealed.

The ego transforms the truth of your father God into anger, giving rise to the monster, otherwise known as the beast within.  Dissolve the anger and the monster disappears, revealing a very intelligent, creative, and sane father God. 

The treasure that you are awaits discovery but it requires work and committment.

That is the process of awakening: to leave the ego nightmare forever, embracing the truth you are: a living God of light.

God needs rehab

Shunned by the secular, poor God has been relegated to the zealots and the crackpots.  I aim to rehab the grumpy old bastard.  Re-brand Him!  Show Him the way back to peace, to love.

I'm gonna rock His world!

Satan's death, the ego birth

The ego was born as Satan was dying.

The "enlightenment" of science would replace the superstition of religion.  Of course Satan didn't really die, he never dies, he simply changes his name as he has done over the millennium; different names for different times, different cultures.

He re-branded himself.  Removed the stigma of evil. The two words describe the same experience in human consciousness, as though looking at the same thing through two different lenses.  Call me old-fashioned, but I find the term ego just a little too abstract, detached from any visceral experience.  Where evil once stood, dysfunction now stands.

Yet, evil exists; it's like porn, I may not be able to describe it, but I know it when I see it.  So I find I prefer the more archaic term, it more fully encompasses what one encounters on the journey, both within and without.

The ego is an imitation of life

The ego is an imitation of life.  Created unknowingly, unwittingly, and unintentionally by a sleeping God.


Secular Satan

The ego is none other than our old friend Satan in secular garb.

Ego corruption

Because we are all individually lost in the ego corruption, naturally all our institutions, including the church, must suffer the corruption of it's individual creators.  That's why everywhere you look, everything seems to be, to a greater or lessor degree, corrupt.

God was never on my radar

The funny thing is, I never went looking for God.  God was nowhere on my radar.  I had done with God long ago, in my youth.  I didn't turn on God, I didn't reject Him in anger, I simply looked but was unable to find Him.  Religion offered faith, but that was not enough for me; I needed to know.  So I turned East and began to cast my gaze toward enlightenment.

Osho talked about God, sometimes lovingly, tenderly, but more often with contempt and derision.  I see, in retrospect, that he was talking about two Gods: one awake, one asleep.  But as I say, God was not on my radar, in one ear, out the other.  Who cared about God, we were there for enlightenment.

Wasn't I in for a surprise!  For as I began to awaken, more and more it was beginning to feel very Biblical to me.  What was awakening, and how it was awakening was having more and more the feeling of a western spiritual path.  One I'd never heard of, didn't know about, was being revealed to me, piece by piece.

In retrospect, it makes sense.  Even though I had gone to the East, worked with an eastern master, nonetheless the consciousness I had, the consciousness that was awakening, was western, and there is a difference.  The techniques developed for an eastern consciousness aren't necessarily going to be effective in undoing the unique ego structure that has developed in the West. 

Note the yin/yang symbol representing eastern consciousness; it is feminine, all curves, not a straight line, not an angle, for eastern consciousness is feminine (or at least it was), whereas the symbol representing western consciousness is the star of David; all lines and angles, not a soft curve to be found, for western consciousness is masculine. 

Instant enlightenment

I find the notion of an instant enlightenment ludicrous, for what separates you from your enlightenment are the dark veils of pain, fear, and anger.  If you can figure out how to instantly dissolve the accumulated pain, fear, and anger of lifetimes on this planet, then I say go on girl!

By the way, would you be interested in purchasing a bridge?

Unwrapping the gift

After years of trying to map my own spiritual journey with a little of this and a little of that, I found myself mysteriously drawn to a master in India named Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, aka: the blessed One.  In spite of fear and trepidation (after all, this appeared to be a cult if I ever saw one), I received the "gift" and a new name in 1981.  In short order I realized that all my previous good work was for naught.  I had been lost in the ego spiritual illusion.  With my initiation, the real work had begun.  It took 25 years to unwrap the gift. To help others navigate through the ego illusion in a fraction of the time I wrote a book called Awakening, available on Amazon.
God is a contentious issue.  The very word evokes strong emotions.  The New Age seeks to deftly sidestep the issue by re-branding God as a "higher power".  Clever perhaps, but sidestepping the issue doesn't resolve it.  And God, despite decades of irrelevance, does not seem ready to go away.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The ego is the light of human consciousness transformed into darkness.  Religions have attempted to transform the dark back into light and have failed miserably, because it can't be done.  One must go within, dissolve the veils of darkness: pain, fear, and anger, and the light is restored.  

 The ego belief is that this cannot be done, or if it can, it's not possible for you.  You are a living God, should you decide to wake up, and make it your top priority, you cannot fail.  All you need are the tools and the determination to end your suffering.
The ego is the fallen state of God.

The ego transforms the perfect love of the human soul into pain and darkness, creating the victim, so instead of living with soul light, you get to live with victim darkness.  Dissolve the pain and your soul is revealed, restored to her throne.

The ego transforms the perfect trust of your spirit into fear, creating the coward.  So instead of enjoying the lightness and spontaneity of your spirit, you instead have a coward, crippled and trembling in panic attacks.  Dissolve the fear and the coward disappears, revealing a playful spirit moving through life with trust in existence.

The ego transforms the truth of your father God into anger, creating the monster, otherwise known as the beast within.  Dissolve the anger and the monster disappears, revealing a very intelligent, and unusually sane (for the times) father God. 

The treasure you are, that lies hidden beneath the darkness, awaits discovery, but it requires work and commitment.

That is the process of awakening: to leave the ego nightmare forever, embracing the truth that you are: a living God of light.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

One God entered the garden.

Three parts of God exited the garden: an angry, jealous, vengeful father god, a daughter soul cursed with sorrow, and a spirit son frightened by god's wrath.

Look inside.

Connect the dots.
Had enough?  
Ready to part company with the dysfunctional ego world of good and evil?
Ready to awaken your soul from her ancient sorrow, and be free of guilt and depression?
Ready to awaken your spirit from the crippling fear and insecurity?
And is your God, at long last, ready to relinquish the anger that drives Him mad?  To enter the peace that has for so long eluded Him?
Are you ready to wake up from the ego nightmare?

You can have a God without a Satan,
but you cannot have a Satan without a God.
The true can know the false.
The false can never know the true.

Ego can have beliefs about love, but can never know love.
Love is true.  Ego is false.

Ego can have beliefs about trust, friendship, but can never know trust, friendship.
Trust is true.  Ego is false.

Ego can have beliefs about truth, can kill for those beliefs, but can never know truth, nor the peace that it brings.
God is total truth.  Ego, being the opposite of God, is total false.
In the ego god, the fallen one, all things are possible, both good and evil. 
In the awakened God all things are possible.
Scientists are recognizing the one-ness of existence.  Something the mystics have known for ages.  However, they don't think of it as one, that's too abstract, too impersonal;  to the mystic is it all one God.  Nothing is so personal or intimate as the experience of God.  How could it not be?  For we are part of the one, part of the one God.  Instead of spending billions to find the god particle, the mystics went within and found God.  Finding the god particle changed nothing.  Finding God transforms everything.