Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ego is the fallen state of God

The ego is the fallen state of God.

The ego transforms the perfect love of the human soul into pain and darkness, creating the victim.  So, instead of living with a soul, and her love, you live in a victim and her dark depressions.  Remove the pain and your soul is revealed, perfect as the moment she was created.  Restored to her throne.

The ego transforms the perfect trust of your spirit into fear, creating a coward.  So instead of enjoying the lightness and spontaneity of your spirit, you have a coward, crippled and trembling in panic attacks.  Remove the fear, the coward dissolves, and your perfect spirit is revealed.

The ego transforms the truth of your father God into anger, giving rise to the monster, otherwise known as the beast within.  Dissolve the anger and the monster disappears, revealing a very intelligent, creative, and sane father God. 

The treasure that you are awaits discovery but it requires work and committment.

That is the process of awakening: to leave the ego nightmare forever, embracing the truth you are: a living God of light.

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mariam hajjar said...

Very beautiful description!