Monday, September 30, 2013

Feelings are the facts of the inner world

Facts, the foundation of science, are for exploring the outer world.  Feelings are for the exploration of the inner world.  You cannot travel inwards, you cannot spiral towards the center, you cannot defeat Satan if you cannot feel.

Hence the importance of the soul, for feeling is her very means of perception.  Without her you cannot navigate the ego labyrinth and find your way home.  Stop protecting and caring for the hurt, the sorrow, but rather focus your attention on the one feeling the pain: your very own soul.

Remember: if you don't take care of your soul nobody else will, nobody else can.  If you don't take care of your soul you will never feel taken care of.  If you don't take care of your soul you will never know love.

Feelings are the facts of the inner world.  Facts are of the objective reality, feelings are of the subjective reality.  In objective reality feelings are discounted, it is the facts that matter.  In subjective reality the opposite is the case.  Feelings are what define reality, not facts.

For instance, the Garden of Eden exists in the subjective reality, and can be known by anyone interested in finding it.  However, it does not exist in objective reality, nor did it ever.  It is not an objective, but a subjective "fact".

Science should butt out of religion.  It simply adds to the confusion.  Religion, likewise, should attend to God and the inner world.  Their meddling in the affairs of mammon has caused great harm to America and the children of God.  But hell, who has time for the kids when there's a holy war raging.  Again.

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