Monday, September 30, 2013

The blame game of God

The father God I speak of is the part of you who has difficulty accepting responsibility for his anger.  Rather he finds himself blaming others for "making" him angry.  It's always somebody else's fault.  As long as he points the finger of blame at others he'll never be free of the anger.  In order to clear it he first has to own it.

There are actually two Gods on the journey.  For the father God the passage through the veil is difficult, time consuming.  For the other the passage is smooth and natural.

In a sense, you gather the ingredients of God on the journey.  The one God, or as they say in secular parlance; unity consciousness.  To have unity one must first have something to unify.  That is the journey: to reclaim your soul from the pain; to liberate your spirit from the fear, and to remove the blinding veil of anger to reveal the father God.  Awakened, the three parts of God that you are begin to merge smoothly and naturally back into the One True God.

Beyond that there is nothing.

But a mystery.

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