Saturday, September 28, 2013

If the God "out there" has failed you

If the God "out there" has failed you......

Before you join the tea party and hysterically blame everyone not like you.
Destroying everything.  Creating nothing.

Before you join the jihadists, succumbing to a total ego possession, becoming a minion of Satan, destroying everything in blind hatred, including yourself.

Before you check out in despair to the world of drink, drugs and other numerous addictions to dull the brutality of life.

Before you give in and sell your soul to the man, slipping into a numbing corporate coma.

Perhaps you should consider giving the God inside a crack at the job of pulling your life together.  So it has significance, if not meaning.   But He sleeps, lost in fitful apocalyptic dreamsSnap out of it old man!  While you've been absent, drifting in the nightmare, you fail to notice the obvious:  your creation is going down the toilet.


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